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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
New poll shows Trump's black support up to 36% (link)    08/15/18  (11)
NATO phonetic alphabet: Alpha, Delta, Foxtrot. Wife on phone right now...    08/15/18  (2)
Frog and Toad telling TSINAH's girlfriend to go clean herself up    08/15/18  (1)
If you don't know the name of an ancestor here pre 1800, you have to go back    08/15/18  (84)
Experimented last night with 3 drinks, 2ml of GHB and 3 bumps of blow...    08/15/18  (2)
(((They))) prevent New Zealand from banning outright foreign home ownership (lin    08/15/18  (12)
What Do White People Want?    08/15/18  (34)
CuriosityStream actually sounds pretty decent    08/15/18  (1)
*"Walk of Life" plays over memorial montage at Charles Krauthammer funeral*    08/15/18  (2)
Got Save The Date For PDDJ's White Trash HS Friend Wedding. Told Her "Have Fun"    08/15/18  (100)
Colorado sues the SAME baker, this time for not baking a tranny cake (link)    08/15/18  (18)
"They should've sent a Gender Studies major!" Jodie Foster, Contact    08/15/18  (2)
Outing bloodacre in this thread....    08/15/18  (3)
boner police is XO's only True Warrior    08/15/18  (5)
saw a USDA PRIME, GRADE A boomer in a motor coach & towing a jeep today    08/15/18  (1)
Low IQ tell: Being anti "socialism"    08/15/18  (21)
Looking back, it's shocking how oblivious I was to girls crushing on me    08/15/18  (13)
Dem slogan 2020: "America was never great"    08/15/18  (53)
Asfgt presses 4 to delete all voicemails. Leans back in chair. Walk of Life play    08/15/18  (17)
I'm a hardworking, creative self-starter who has sex with men for money    08/15/18  (4)
V20 callback interviewer taking questions    08/15/18  (2)
Entrepreneurially-Minded Autist Seeking My Next Poasting Opportunity    08/15/18  (20)
This Duke women's soccer player sure does own a lot of different bikinis (link)    08/15/18  (24)
A Brief Comparative History of Nationalism In America And Korea    08/15/18  (92)
New hobby: puking in public    08/15/18  (1)
Please join Rabbi Bailey Jay for a very special Shabbat service this Friday    08/15/18  (4)
I'm getting into tea lately, does this mean i'm gay? also what are cr tea flavor    08/15/18  (1)
Low IQ tell: reading this.    08/15/18  (1)
Disney World employee dies after falling into a VAT OF OIL    08/15/18  (8)
"Sister Christian" chorus BLARES as Assfaggot rides 10speed bike home from court    08/15/18  (10)
Frog and Toad spitroasting TSINAHs cokehead gf    08/15/18  (12)
Low IQ tell: Having high IQ    08/15/18  (6)
but a megaposting Indian who lives abroad said socialism was cr!    08/15/18  (2)
Prole tell: laughing, enjoying yourself    08/15/18  (1)
Low IQ tell: anything ever at any time for any thinkable or unthinkable reason    08/15/18  (3)
Backlash against M Night Shyamalan was unwarranted    08/15/18  (4)
luis is out there blank bumping like a man possessed today    08/15/18  (9)
Luis wearing a bluetooth at investment seminar: "i have sex w men for money    08/15/18  (29)
Assfaggot smiling for camera with giant check made out for sex with men    08/15/18  (23)
Tommy T delivering a keynote speech at the 2020 Democratic convention    08/15/18  (1)
There are 101 Americans with $1M+ in student loans    08/15/18  (83)
Possible to make new friends after age 30?    08/15/18  (16)
I got my MBA years ago and don't have friends. Can I sue my school?    08/15/18  (3)
JFC, just found out a 3rd guy I fucked once has become a TRANNY    08/15/18  (9)
most prestigious thermostat setting ?    08/15/18  (13)
Move nephew into college at flagship u, full of bowlcut asians    08/15/18  (1)
Hawaii judge reinstates Brennan's security clearance (link)    08/15/18  (2)
2021: National Cathedral bells ring as CharlesXII & Azn Megashrew tie the knot    08/15/18  (11)
Is b-school the best place to make friends?    08/15/18  (12)
America is like ancient Rome in very weird ways    08/15/18  (35)
This "midwest hick CFB / Scott Frost" threading is almost as bad as DBG #tennis    08/15/18  (5)
BuzzFeed: cancel popular wholesome show "fixer upper" bc hosts go 2 church    08/15/18  (17)
whittier TP, rating you as XO-themed manga screenshots    08/15/18  (25)
Khloe Kardashian hits the beach wearing a one piece bathing suit! (pic)    08/15/18  (16)
how do i make friends after business school    08/15/18  (6)
Low IQ tell: being black    08/15/18  (1)
why do trumpmos get so x when y for being z?    08/15/18  (1)
Reminder only 1/6 Blacks is as smart as average White. 1/45 as smart as avg Jew.    08/15/18  (25)
Has anyone here been kicked in the face while they were standing up    08/15/18  (3)
why do Trumpmos who have shit jobs get so irate when called out for being poor?    08/15/18  (16)
Boner police, arrest this man, his poasts are trash.    08/15/18  (3)
Proud owner of a sWEET 2011 MUSTANG. ALL CASH BUYER. Taking ?s ITT (pics)    08/15/18  (71)
US Army football team kneels for the anthem    08/15/18  (11)
edgy conservatives are being un-personed left & right. just got jihad watch guy    08/15/18  (1)
Tangerine Dream - Love On a Real Train.flac    08/15/18  (1)
Prole tell: not just co-opting socialism into Beltway consensus neoliberalism.    08/15/18  (2)
*boner police spitting out fat jewess period blood like copenhagen wintergreen*    08/15/18  (13)
Why are women so into rough sex?    08/15/18  (103)
Which DBG threads should I send to his wife?    08/15/18  (14)
DTP taking questions on 21 y/o fob asian slut (DTP)    08/15/18  (4)
"Selfish, Impatient, and a Little Insecure" would be a great title for a memoir    08/15/18  (1)
Wisconsin is fake Nebraska    08/15/18  (19)
I'm a hardworking, creative self-starter who just graduated from Tufts Universit    08/15/18  (19)
Ex-police LAPD officer pleads no contest to statutory rape charges    08/15/18  (3)
Fuck, just read whitepaper on my new shitcoins    08/15/18  (25)
In Tampa at Taylor Swift's concert, taking q's    08/15/18  (20)
Stay in hotel where u live, tell everyone who now got house, become expat of    08/15/18  (5)
deep down, wisky knows it a fraud who will never sniff a natty    08/15/18  (6)
Lena Dunham looks sexier than ever celebrating her hysterectomy (pics)    08/15/18  (54)
What the hell is going on?    08/15/18  (5)
The President* has a Russia problem    08/15/18  (9)
NY Governor Cuomo: America was never that great in the first place    08/15/18  (4)
searched for weighted blanket ONCE on amazon. now getting ads 4 anime body pillo    08/15/18  (4)
not flame: the first non-Jewish white guy I got to know was CharlesXII    08/15/18  (5)
Lib friend's favorite garment is the sari    08/15/18  (1)
Luis lured to NYC on promises of regaining crypto losses; ends badly (link)    08/15/18  (1)
there are more dads in my house than atoms in the universe    08/15/18  (20)
That recurring dream where you search for your real name on xoxo and get results    08/15/18  (1)
ITT: you tell me a criteria and I name car you should buy    08/15/18  (2)
Jordan Peterson: "The indolence of house cats is bloody terrifying."    08/15/18  (41)
Where the FUCK are the mods?    08/15/18  (41)
noam chomsky prolapsing your wife's anus, smiling on your marital bed    08/15/18  (2)
a lewd, undressed woman, licking CharlesXII's bald head to completion    08/15/18  (5)
Learned nebbishness    08/15/18  (5)
need an update on the Whittier/Charles animecon situation    08/15/18  (6)
uncomfortable truth: "Whittier TP" is a gigantic fucking loser    08/15/18  (6)
crazy rich Asians: NOWAGs can get AZNgirl 6's if they are 6'2 billionaires    08/15/18  (16)
BUMP DAILY: Has Nancy Leong reported her attempted kidnapping to police?    08/15/18  (135)
NYT: "how can I cure my white guilt?"    08/15/18  (25)
Latest proof Trumpmos are a cancer: Adults thread transgender 12 year old    08/15/18  (19)
Is there any poaster that actual wants socialism in the US?    08/15/18  (14)
Reminder: Trump/Russia/alt-right want to destroy COLLEGE football too    08/15/18  (120)
Did you know that democrats are the real racists?    08/15/18  (1)
Just took a pumo to a mediation... (CSLG)    08/15/18  (26)
Poast the top three Bing News stories "For You"    08/15/18  (1)
Kellyanne Conway exposed as source against George Conway.    08/15/18  (3)
I had a dream that Nebraska went to the CFP    08/15/18  (7)
Free night in Austin, TX during work trip. Should I stay downtown or near UT?    08/15/18  (40)
Nowadays you can call enemies and parents while fighting a battle    08/15/18  (2)
Wagecucking is torture    08/15/18  (7)
Colt teaching his son how to make po boys in her EZ Bake oven    08/15/18  (6)
I don't know if u know this but I am a discerning cocksman    08/15/18  (1)
Is "Thot_Ravager" currently poasting at the highest level of all of autoadmit?    08/15/18  (15)
Dane Cook, 47, still smashing his 19yr old GF    08/15/18  (25)
Little Rachmiel Poasting Achievers    08/15/18  (1)
Puking in my bathtub again    08/15/18  (6)
*Xtian baker crying as bakes cock cake under watchful eye of lascivious faggot*    08/15/18  (24)
Active Shooter at Naval Medical Center San Diego    08/15/18  (70)
Nebraska carries out 1st U.S. Fentanyl execution!    08/15/18  (19)
Oregon HORSE Suing Owner (not flame)    08/15/18  (17)
Add space opened up in front of Macy's... asked Lenkov if I should buy it (CSLG)    08/15/18  (18)
NU = Northwestern. hth.    08/15/18  (1)
Wiscucksin is absolutely done here.    08/15/18  (1)
Euro friend asked me about Pocahontas plan to save capitalism    08/15/18  (1)
just signed up 3 law teens    08/15/18  (4)
Asian Female Biglawyer Marries White Chad Firefighter (NYT)    08/15/18  (1)
Xo Law Firm recent results    08/15/18  (17)
just signed up 3 clients - 20k in legal fees    08/15/18  (18)
Anyone here ever have sex with a 30-something BIGLAW shrew    08/15/18  (1)
At NYC playground- half the kids are half-gooks    08/15/18  (10)
Long ass New Yorker article on Bill Browder/Putin/Trump    08/15/18  (8)
Group of trannies behind me talkin bout tranny chasers    08/15/18  (5)
Doobs getting his LLM at Nebraska. When asked why, he said, "want dat natty."    08/15/18  (2)
Just took a pumo to mediation ...    08/15/18  (1)
DOOBS getting HONKY BONKY off dat CHINCHILLA JUICE    08/15/18  (146)
wisconsin, 2018 is your last chance to beat nebraska for the next 2 decades    08/15/18  (10)
*~*~* GF is out of town this weekend that means TINYCHAT IS COMIN*~*~*~*    08/15/18  (16)
Normal people: "Begone, foul temptress!" James Joyce Jr.: "Hello, foul temptress    08/15/18  (1)
Elon Musk committed securities fraud    08/15/18  (9)
Scaramucci to Omarosa: yeah u were late, u were late to ur own fucking funeral    08/15/18  (4)
Nebraska Chads will gape Wisconsin cheese cucks    08/15/18  (3)
Weird how all the Jewish posters hate Nebraska and xo Scott Frost    08/15/18  (34)
If you could put anyone on the Nebraska lethal injection bed?    08/15/18  (12)
Is supply chain credited?    08/15/18  (4)
Mr. Jinx, please put your cock away - this is a mortuary, sir!    08/15/18  (45)
Frog and Toad Lead Nebraska to National Title    08/15/18  (2)
ICE executes federal search warrants In Nebraska, Minnesota ans nevada    08/15/18  (18)
Joba Chamberlain attacked in Lincoln Nebraska    08/15/18  (6)
Nebraska destined for national title.    08/15/18  (7)
Copped a Subaru Outback. Taking questions and abuse ITT    08/15/18  (15)

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