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STICKY: New account requests   07/21/18  (216)
Famous Jewish rapper 'Lil Dicky' to rebrand as 'Big Nig Dicky' (video)    08/16/18  (5)
You can fuck 100 women, but they all blur into memories and u have nothing (DTP)    08/16/18  (6)
where can i get some xanax online    08/16/18  (1)
Thursday Night Tinychat -- Entertain me while I work late....    08/16/18  (9)
who is *the* most credited 20th century philosopher?    08/16/18  (85)
New poster here, my name is Moshe from NYC, HLS-grad. Taking q's.    08/16/18  (44)
When I see Chloe Sevigny naked, I really can't blame Casper for sleepsexing her    08/16/18  (19)
i would like to take some qs on being a middle aged asian woman    08/16/18  (41)
Steve Sailer > xoxo > Charles > Tucker > Masses    08/16/18  (11)
I drank 4 16 oz. Miller Lites in 50 minutes during lunch today    08/16/18  (29)
Libs want to do horrible things to this country    08/16/18  (4)
Two days after you fuck a girl, you forget and it's like it never happened (DTP)    08/16/18  (2)
did you know: Congressmen could legally inside trade    08/16/18  (1)
Crazy how a lib has never landed one good point on FoxNews Tucker Carlson.    08/16/18  (4)
askav is such an arrogant, grating, milquetoast dork    08/16/18  (7)
"No worries, I get it! Spark wasn't there. Btw, can you be my emergency contact    08/16/18  (73)
2nd cousin: Deeper Daddy Shrew GF: "I Love Deep Conversations Late At Night    08/16/18  (1)
been here a week - does this "whokebe" guy get assfucked as much as y'all say?    08/16/18  (5)
Are "journalists" starting to understand they're reviled by 80% of population?    08/16/18  (8)
"My dick is sick," whimpers the pumo to its doctor    08/16/18  (2)
I'd be afraid of watchmen IRL    08/16/18  (27)
Real talk: I always sit in the exit row and I ain't helping with no emergency    08/16/18  (3)
Stephen Miller has becum the SHADOW MASTER of the State Dept. (New Yorker)    08/16/18  (100)
The Taliban are on a roll, wiping out NATO-backed forces left and right    08/16/18  (67)
Queer Eye star attacked after saying Not all Republicans are racist    08/16/18  (30)
Watchmen real name Gucci Versace?    08/16/18  (3)
The 5 Levels of Swiss Watches (VID)    08/16/18  (97)
*weathers attacks from both parties and MSM* *gets taken down by Omarosa*    08/16/18  (1)
500 B.C.: a male wields a spear to defend his city. 2018: a man wields a Swiffer    08/16/18  (8)
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ LUIS TAKE MY ENERGY &#3    08/16/18  (1)
Ariana Grande's upskirt pussy slip looks like a cow got murdered (NSFW)    08/16/18  (4)
RATE Djoker's New Racket (VID) #tennis    08/16/18  (7)
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Trump said "pussy"???    08/16/18  (1)
2004: Tucker looks like fag in bowtie; 2018: i hope Tucker notices me on xo    08/16/18  (3)
Halloween idea: A "house of horrors" that is inside of a huge bouncy castle    08/16/18  (1)
Trump quotes Tucker saying INTELLECTUAL    08/16/18  (2)
"...and an emergency contact in the city." "Oh I'll fill that out later."    08/16/18  (21)
Known Trump Murders: 0 ; Known Hillary Murders > 10    08/16/18  (4)
Me, DTP and scholarship have parties to eat adderall and scream into mirrors    08/16/18  (4)
LJL real estate closing tomorrow and my idiot partner "forgot" to get mortgage    08/16/18  (15)
Likely sports bar attenders (fags): Doodikoff (1a, 1b), Donny, LTDAN, colt, spac    08/16/18  (11)
it was just a coincidence that George W Bush was on live TV on 9/11    08/16/18  (7)
Tucker just named global capitalism    08/16/18  (35)
Why are women wearing those yoga pants with sheer cutouts now    08/16/18  (13)
Woman causes 4 emergency IBS landings in a year. Southwest won't take her again    08/16/18  (17)
The Velvet Hammer! The Alabama Slammer!    08/16/18  (2)
Jesus, my balls smell like a hamper at a Nigerian hospice    08/16/18  (9)
Got last minute invited to black tie charity event tomorrow. How get tux?    08/16/18  (16)
Married couple making $1 million/yr able to save $54k/yr (link)    08/16/18  (81)
DTP taking questions here (8/16/2018)    08/16/18  (10)
A thick turd emerges from Margot Robbie's asshole and slowly lowers into yr mout    08/16/18  (8)
Melania Trump looks so good. I want her to take a dump on my forehead    08/16/18  (10)
Invited Jew To Shabbat Dinner. Here's His List Of Allergies.    08/16/18  (20)
Manafort Judge: "Reasonable doubt is a doubt based on reason". Error?    08/16/18  (17)
how long away are we from tons of autonomous cars on road everyday    08/16/18  (3)
Peterman at an emergency care clinic to receptionist: "I swear I'm not gay, but    08/16/18  (15)
Rate this brief montage of Ariana Grande slips and errors during live performanc    08/16/18  (18)
Why are men so shallow about looks?    08/16/18  (4)
60% of characters in Star Wars Ep IX to be force ghosts (deadline)    08/16/18  (3)
LOL at deadlifting or squatting 200+ lb being natural/healthy/normal/ok (DTP)    08/16/18  (14)
XO 2022: TMF defending his purchase of a 210 HP V6 Honda Odessy performance vehi    08/16/18  (14)
F-22s get within 2000 feet of SU-24s without detection.    08/16/18  (11)
Who the fuck doesn't own a tux? That's legit prole as fuck.    08/16/18  (8)
New Frontline on Charlottesville    08/16/18  (58)
ITT fast-forward 20 years: DTP is 48 years old    08/16/18  (6)
Laquan McDonald trial begins September 5    08/16/18  (3)
We all went to our respective rooms and fucked.    08/16/18  (2)
Good Riddance Aretha Franklin! You werent dead already?    08/16/18  (8)
No one here is even that old    08/16/18  (2)
A tender, inventive session of lovemaking with your grandmother    08/16/18  (11)
Its a miracle xo exists it really is    08/16/18  (5)
What's the status of North Korean denuclearization?    08/16/18  (7)
IRL watchmen = Ray Hushpuppi    08/16/18  (1)
Oh boy I LOVE acps retard boom schtick!    08/16/18  (2)
Remember in the 90s when society's freaks were laughed at on Jerry Springer    08/16/18  (11)
So u just TALK to women until they fuck u?    08/16/18  (76)
PSA: Vitamix do NOT have lifetime warranties    08/16/18  (6)
Rate this old Bill Maher clip where Kerri Washington DECIMATES white men re: AA    08/16/18  (12)
40 years on XO would be like nothing.. no different from PR 25 years later    08/16/18  (1)
Henry Rollins gets aggressive with hipsters in music store (video)    08/16/18  (23)
who is *the* most credited 20th century poaster?    08/16/18  (1)
Who are the most credited post-Roman, pre-Thomistic philosophers?    08/16/18  (2)
I secretly wanna date a happy relaxed fat girl & enjoy junk foods & get fat (DTP    08/16/18  (13)
JFC, just found out a 3rd guy I fucked once has become a TRANNY    08/16/18  (35)
deus vult    08/16/18  (2)
ITT: Predict the size of the BLUE WAVE    08/16/18  (9)
AT&T phone sales girl did a tasteful nude shoot when she was 18:    08/16/18  (70)
why is Alex Jones afraid to name the Jew?    08/16/18  (14)
White women with dogs who should be raising my autistic son    08/16/18  (27)
What the fuck is good? (Besides Russia)    08/16/18  (9)
Yeah, just show your face, like we dont know youre a FAT CUNT    08/16/18  (13)
Ur goal in sex is to force a woman to pee against her will    08/16/18  (6)
Captain Rachmiel and his Sea Are adrift in international waters    08/16/18  (3)
Thi$ is scary Guy Nebraska killed admitted guilt! Said other on death row innoce    08/16/18  (2)
Sascha Baron cohen tells trump supporters about their new glorious mosque    08/16/18  (30)
Look at me! I'm high IQ and good because I support muslims and fags!    08/16/18  (3)
My Chrad roommate is literally entertaining a 5 upstairs    08/16/18  (16)
Still unbeleiveable to me that Asians came to America for a better future and    08/16/18  (5)
the amount of transgender on tinder is astonishing    08/16/18  (5)
Lethal injection by fentanyl has very positive social message and makes sure    08/16/18  (7)
If you lookin for me, you can find me on the block, disobeyin The Law    08/16/18  (3)
Why is post-pump Verge (xvg) above pre-pump price? Pumping in Crypto (theory)    08/16/18  (8)
first coworker who asks me about my crypto portfolio is getting acid attacked    08/16/18  (3)
Last time you tasted your own cum?    08/16/18  (4)
Hypo: 6'3 and 505 DL, but u have to have same bad haircut foreve    08/16/18  (116)
Describe living in Concord, CA    08/16/18  (15)
Tucker/Miller 2024: America First!    08/16/18  (1)
Any justification for NYU med's Tuition for All! program other than gaming USNWR    08/16/18  (14)
Trump's presidency is considered key in the transformation from Republic to Empi    08/16/18  (1)
305 deadlift + injured back 3 years ago    08/16/18  (12)
India's former Prime Minister Vajpayee DEAD at 93    08/16/18  (1)
Hold up, hang on. Wait. Let the pumo speak.    08/16/18  (11)
Colorado wife and 2 kids found at dads work    08/16/18  (3)
IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/16/18  (73)
Just killed a guy's parents for mentioning blockchain technology    08/16/18  (12)
Tracking women's sexuality on the blockchain (DTP)    08/16/18  (2)
Amazon to buy OCP; Prime member in Old Detroit gettin enhanced police protection    08/16/18  (4)
1 year since Confederate monuments were removed, the issues they raised remain    08/16/18  (5)
Sorry, All!    08/16/18  (1)
fuck joos (8/16/18)    08/16/18  (2)
CAN'T WAIT to see retard drumpf get rope-a-doped by Kamala into a confrontation    08/16/18  (5)
millenials beards: trivial protest against their otherwise total emmasculation    08/16/18  (7)
How hard r Simon&Schusters lawyers LOLing at TLSHarders letter re Omarosa?    08/16/18  (3)
creatine |whey protein | chicken | semen    08/16/18  (6)
Thin lips. Yellowed teeth. Wine breath. Crows feet. Frequent urinary tract infec    08/16/18  (8)
New Republic goes MAGA.    08/16/18  (2)
Pentagon puts off military parade until 2019    08/16/18  (3)
ETH almost worth $300    08/16/18  (1)
marshmallows when high. Holy fuck!!    08/16/18  (4)
Nvidia says cryptocurrency-specific Q2 revenue was $18M, below its $100M estimat    08/16/18  (3)
Reminder: Trump/Russia/alt-right want to destroy COLLEGE football too    08/16/18  (148)
Bronze Age Pervert signals his XO affiliation    08/16/18  (15)
subway cars full of haggard white women with apple watches and no rings    08/16/18  (20)
Tucker just named the Jew    08/16/18  (1)
Tucker just called Kim Jong-un a circlehead.    08/16/18  (1)
just gave kid a pack of pop rocks, blew his mind out completely    08/16/18  (9)
heartland america is IN for fall 2018    08/16/18  (1)
I went to the gym with a few Swedish guys, they were obsessed with seal rows    08/16/18  (1)
Listening to One by Metallica while doing heavy set of squats is a peak experien    08/16/18  (2)
Trumbo: First Blood    08/16/18  (1)
You can endure all, because all is flame    08/16/18  (4)
COLT'S SEC POWER RANKINGS (2018 CFB SEASON) Doodikoff    08/16/18  (3)
Frog and Toad Disrupt Shabbat    08/16/18  (2)
I kidnapped Ben Shapiro and will be sewing a pig's foreskin onto his boicock    08/16/18  (8)
ITT tell me about your least favorite uncle.    08/16/18  (13)

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