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Reminder: Trump/Russia/alt-right want to destroy COLLEGE football too    08/15/18  (120)
Why are women so into rough sex?    08/15/18  (103)
Got Save The Date For PDDJ's White Trash HS Friend Wedding. Told Her "Have Fun"    08/15/18  (100)
If you don't know the name of an ancestor here pre 1800, you have to go back    08/15/18  (84)
The Taliban are on a roll, wiping out NATO-backed forces left and right    08/15/18  (55)
how CR was the movie: The Wolf of Wall Street?    08/15/18  (55)
Lena Dunham looks sexier than ever celebrating her hysterectomy (pics)    08/15/18  (54)
Dem slogan 2020: "America was never great"    08/15/18  (53)
Omarosa is Trump's Frankenstein. He created her--and he can destroy her.    08/15/18  (44)
Where the FUCK are the mods?    08/15/18  (41)
Men's bodies look much better than womens in their 30s, 40s, 50s    08/15/18  (41)
Free night in Austin, TX during work trip. Should I stay downtown or near UT?    08/15/18  (40)
REMINDER: chronic back pain is in your head    08/15/18  (33)
Why doesn't the Navy build battleships anymore?    08/15/18  (32)
Is casual sex flame?    08/14/18  (32)
Holy fuck I may be getting fired. I tried creating sexual tension with my partne    08/15/18  (30)
Boom will Nebraska go 8-4 this season?    08/15/18  (29)
Rating posters are pieces of shit    08/15/18  (29)
If you can't deadlift 2x ur bodyweight and run 5 miles in 40 mins, you're a fag    08/14/18  (29)
Worse airline: Spirit or Frontier?    08/15/18  (28)
Q: What's a cool city to domestic US city to travel to solo for 3-4 days?    08/15/18  (27)
XO Challenge: name ONE benefit of muslims, anywhere, ever: can you name just one    08/15/18  (27)
if you've ever interacted with other XO poasters off-board you're pathetic    08/15/18  (27)
Just took a pumo to a mediation... (CSLG)    08/15/18  (26)
Reminder only 1/6 Blacks is as smart as average White. 1/45 as smart as avg Jew.    08/15/18  (25)
Dane Cook, 47, still smashing his 19yr old GF    08/15/18  (25)
TREADMILL BROS: How much easier is treadmill than street running?    08/14/18  (25)
Minimum u should bring to asian massage parlor for HJ?    08/15/18  (24)
This Duke women's soccer player sure does own a lot of different bikinis (link)    08/15/18  (24)
gf wants to blather for 20 mins every morning about her "dream" from last night    08/15/18  (24)
Best apple laptop for business ?    08/15/18  (24)
what's the CR approach to getting luxury condo ($2-$4mm) in MFH?    08/15/18  (24)
Assfaggot smiling for camera with giant check made out for sex with men    08/15/18  (23)
Rate these signs hanging in my co-worker's office    08/15/18  (22)
Don Trump wants to bang Ivanka    08/15/18  (22)
Low IQ tell: Being anti "socialism"    08/15/18  (21)
WHY did xoKelly use the Situation Room to fire Omarosa? Is that the HR office?    08/15/18  (21)
Why NOT send your kids to private school?    08/15/18  (20)
Was there ever a better heavyweight than Lennox Lewis?    08/15/18  (20)
In Tampa at Taylor Swift's concert, taking q's    08/15/18  (20)
Wisconsin is fake Nebraska    08/15/18  (19)
Latest proof Trumpmos are a cancer: Adults thread transgender 12 year old    08/15/18  (19)
For first time in history more Republicans than Democrats vote in MN primary    08/15/18  (19)
I'm a hardworking, creative self-starter who just graduated from Tufts Universit    08/15/18  (19)
So, wait, tell me like I am 5. Why didnt Trump release his tax returns?    08/15/18  (19)
smartest person you personally know?    08/15/18  (19)
literally scored a 168 M, 170 V on my GRE. no one here could do that    08/14/18  (19)
Colorado sues the SAME baker, this time for not baking a tranny cake (link)    08/15/18  (18)
just signed up 3 clients - 20k in legal fees    08/15/18  (18)